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Series Number Title Author Year Read It
TNG1Ghost ShipDiane Carey1988Yes
TNG2The PeacekeepersGene DeWeese1989Yes
TNG3The Children Of HamlinCarmen Carter1988Yes
TNG4SurvivorsJean Lorrah1989Yes
TNG5Strike ZonePeter David1989Yes
TNG6Power HungryHoward Weinstein1989Yes
TNG7MasksJohn Vornholt1989Yes
TNG8The Captains' HonorDavid & Daniel Dvorkin1989Yes
TNG9A Call To DarknessMichael Jan Friedman1989Yes
TNG10A Rock And A Hard PlacePeter David1990Yes
TNG11Gulliver's FugitivesKeith Sharee1990Yes
TNG12Doomsday WorldCarmen Carter, Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, and Robert Greenberger1990Yes
TNG13The Eyes of the BeholdersA.C. Crispin1990Yes
TNG14ExilesHoward Weinstein1990Yes
TNG15Fortune's LightMichael Jan Friedman1991Yes
TNG16ContaminationJohn Vornholt1991Yes
TNG17BoogeymenMel Gilden1991Yes
TNG18Q-In-LawPeter David1991Yes
TNG19Perchance To DreamHoward Weinstein1991Yes
TNG20SpartacusT.L. Mancour1992Yes
TNG21Chains Of CommandBill McCay & Eloise Flood1992Yes
TNG22ImbalanceV.E. Mitchell1992Yes
TNG23War DrumsJohn Vornholt1992Yes
TNG24NightshadeLaurell K. Hamilton1992Yes
TNG25GroundedDavid Bischoff1993Yes
TNG26The Romulan PrizeSimon Hawke1993Yes
TNG27Guises of the MindRebecca Neason1993Yes
TNG28Here There Be DragonsJohn Peel1993Yes
TNG29Sins Of CommissionSusan Wright1994Yes
TNG30Debtors' PlanetW.R. Thompson1994Yes
TNG31Foreign FoesDave Galanter & Greg Brodeur1994Yes
TNG32RequiemMichael Jan Friedman & Kevin Ryan1994Yes
TNG33Balance of PowerDafydd Ab Hugh1995Yes
TNG34Blaze of GlorySimon Hawke1995No
TNG36Into The NebulaGene DeWeese1995Yes
TNG38Dragon's HonorKij Johnson & Greg Cox1996Yes
TNG39Rogue SaucerJohn Vornholt1996Yes
TNG40PossessionJ.M. Dillard & Kathleen O'Malley1996Yes
TNG41The Soldiers Of FearDean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch1996Yes
TNG42InfiltratorW.R. Thompson1996Yes
TNG43A Fury ScornedPamela Sargent & George Zebrowski1996Yes
TNG44The Death Of PrincesJohn Peel1997Yes
TNG45IntellivoreDiane Duane1997Yes
TNG46To Storm HeavenEsther Friesner1997Yes
TNG47The Continuum -- Q-SpaceGreg Cox1998Yes
TNG48The Continuum -- Q-ZoneGreg Cox1998Yes
TNG49The Continuum -- Q-StrikeGreg Cox1998Yes
TNG50Dyson SphereCharles Pellegrino & George Zebrowski1999Yes
TNG57The Forgotten WarWilliam R. Forstchen1999Yes
TNG60Tooth and ClawDoranna Durgin2001Yes
TNG62Maximum Warp (Book One of Two)Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur2001Yes
TNG63Maximum Warp (Book Two of Two)Dave Galanter and Greg Brodeur2001Yes
TNGAll Good Things...Michael Jan Friedman1994No
TNGAncient BloodDiane Carey1997No
TNGDark MirrorDiane Duane1993Yes
TNGDescentDiane Carey1993Yes
TNGDo Comets Dream?S.P. Somtow2003Yes
TNGDoors Into ChaosRobert Greenberger2001Yes
TNGDouble Or NothingPeter David1999Yes
TNGEncounter At FarpointDavid Gerrold1987Yes
TNGI, QJohn De Lancie & Peter David1999Yes
TNGImzadiPeter David1992Yes
TNGKahlessMichael Jan Friedman1996No
TNGMetamorphosis -- The First Giant NovelJean Lorrah1990Yes
TNGQ-SquaredPeter David1994Yes
TNGRelicsJan Friedman1992Yes
TNGReunionMichael Jan Friedman1991Yes
TNGShip of the LineDiane Carey1997No
TNGThe Captain's Table -- Dujonian's HoardMichael Jan Friedman1998Yes
TNGThe Devil's HeartCarmen Carter1993Yes
TNGThe Dominion War -- Book OneJohn Vornholt1998No
TNGThe Genesis Wave: Book OneJohn Vornholt2000Yes
TNGThe Genesis Wave: Book ThreeJohn Vornholt2000Yes
TNGThe Genesis Wave: Book TwoJohn Vornholt2000Yes
TNGThe Last StandBrad Ferguson1995Yes
TNGThe ValiantMichael Jan Friedman2000No
TNGUnificationJeri Taylor1990Yes
TNGVendetta -- The Giant NovelPeter David1991Yes
VoyagerHomecomingChristie Golden2003Yes