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Sites I've developed (in order of most recent development):

MPG Tracker is a simple, easy to use mileage tracker written in Angular 7, using PHP for the REST services provider, with a SQLite database for storage.

MPG Tracker

NTE Database is a multi-piece site developed over many years that incorporates three separate databases - two for different types of semi conductors - NTE and non-NTE (data originated in spreadsheet form, so website began as a more convenient way to manage tracking component quantity and locations; also where the name originated), and one for cataloging and tracking maintenance on all audio visual equipment within the school district, utilizing barcodes as the primary form of cataloging and searching (can search by almost any information on a piece of equipment). The site is written in PHP, currently with a SQLite database (database has gone from MySQL to Oracle SQL to SQLite as I learned new technologies and incorporated them into the site - worked on this while pursuing my degree).

NTE Database (local copy)

Home Voltage Log is an extremely barebones site that displays some useful information gathered from a tweet-a-watt. Data is logged into a SQLite database, web page is generated on the quarter hour (cron job) by a bash script that runs some queries, and uses gnuplot to generate the two PNG graphs. Monthly job runs to archive the latest copy of the HTML page into a yearly/monthly hierarchy for informational purposes. Goal is to someday make the site non-static and generate on demand. First foray into that pursuit was creating the current day's usage chart with the Google charts API (retrieves JSON data from a PHP script that interacts with the database file).

Home Voltage Log

This site is a strictly static site I modernized to the client's specifications. Utilizes only HTML and CSS.

2YA Test Site

These 2 are alterations to NTE Database I made for cataloging and tracking stuff around my house.:

Home NTE Database
Star Trek Books Database
Star Trek Books Database - Listing of all books

Old sites:

Old landing page
Old Google site